First Responders Start Here | 5 Free Tips

I was spinning my wheels for many years, because I didn’t realize what I’m about to share with you. I had a million excuses that were holding me back, including ...

14 Day Fitness + Nutrition + Support Academy

Have you gotten to the point where you feel uncomfortable with where you’re at? Maybe your duty belt is getting tighter by the minute like mine was? Maybe you have ...

The Story Of A Police Officer

  Hello, I’m Marc Hildebrand. I serve First Responders who struggle to get and stay healthy, as well as those who struggle with having too much month at the end ...


How Does First Responder Fitness Work?

How does First Responder Fitness really work?  Watch the video above to ...

What Is Shakeology?

**UPDATE** Before you go deep into this post, I wanted to tell ...

What Can I Do NOW To Become Healthier Without Spending Money

  P.S. If you prefer to listen to this topic via podcast, ...

How Many Calories Should I Eat?

(P.S. At the end of this post, I talk about how your ...


Check out these reviews and testimonials for the program I’ve created for ...

What Coaching Has Done For Me and What It Can Do For You

(P.S. If you’d like some more details about coaching, I recently did ...

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My Most Recent Results

How Marc punched Crohn’s in the face. (if you’d just like to fast-forward to the results based off of my change in numbers, scroll to the bottom of this post) The before and after photographs above are between a 3 month period, but don’t tell you the whole story. When I took the before photo, […]

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What Does Good Nutrition (And A Plan) Look Like

What exactly does a good nutrition plan look like? Glad you asked, because so many people are after that quick fix, instant results, take a pill and everything will be better. And because you clicked on this post, that means you’re looking for some solid advice, and I want to do what I can to […]

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Team Members Only

First, check out the video above, and afterward… Here’s a quick recap : You have the option to unlock an all access pass to ALL workouts via Beachbody on Demand (Live Streaming). You have access to every single program in existence, plus any new programs that come out, for the entire year. Why is this […]

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How to prepare for the police, military or fire academy

Let’s help you get prepared for the academy or PFQ if you’re already on the department. (P.S. I also have this information available via podcast if you’d like to listen instead. It’s at the bottom of this post) In the video above, I go over the moves in this 20-30 minute workout. This isn’t something […]

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First Responder Fitness Webinar Training

(P.S. I’ve included a podcast I did at the end of this post, where I talk about the 3 components a program should have so you have the greatest chance of success. Check it out, and don’t forget to sign up for the actual live presentation too) If you’re in need of some advice on […]

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Top 5 First Responder Fitness Podcasts

Have you heard? First Responder Fitness has it’s own podcast.  Not too excited yet? What??? Actually I’ve found many First Responders still don’t know exactly what that means. Too much old school going around here! This podcast is a quick 5-15 minute audio file, that you can download using your iPhone, so that you can listen to […]

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What Should I Do About Muscle Soreness?

(P.S. I’ve also included a link to my podcast on the subject of muscle soreness versus injury. It’s at the bottom of the post for those who want to listen instead.) What should you do about muscle soreness? First, let me give this warning. If you think you have injured yourself, you should stop all […]

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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

(P.S. If you’d rather listen to this advice via podcast, check the bottom of this page for the audio version.) Let’s talk a little Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Both time frames are critical for your results. The pre-workout meal is what’s going to be supporting you during that vigorous exercise routine… and the post-workout […]

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How To Make Shakeology Right!

Want to know how to make shakeology right? I’m just as guilty. I threw it in a shaker cup, and drank it in “Chunks.” Didn’t realize the concept behind a whole food nutrition shake, because I had never heard of them before. I was used to the unnatural candy tasting shake you can get at […]

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What Can A First Responder Do To Prepare For A Day At Work

What can a First Responder do to prepare for our long days at work? Being a law enforcement officer, I get stuck out in the field all the time on certain incidents during my 12 hour + shifts. I wanted to create a video that you could look back to, for some ideas on how […]

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Healthy Eating On A Budget

How many of you have found yourself saying that it’s just too expensive to eat healthy? I get this all the time from friends and family, probably because it’s exactly what I was saying too. The answer I used to be given when I brought it up with my friends was,  “you pay now, or you […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Exercise

(P.S. I’ve put the answer to this question in to a new podcast, just in case you’d rather hear it via audio instead of video. Check out the bottom of this page.) You may be against it, but I’d suggest you try it for a week solid. Don’t give yourself less sleep either, make sure […]

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Raise Your Standards

(P.S. If you’d like to listen to these ideas in an audio version instead of a video, check out the podcast at the bottom of this page.) Where are your standards? Where are you expectations? I hope they match, because if they don’t, you’re going to be disappointed as much as I was when I […]

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Meal Planning Basics

(P.S. I’ve included an additional podcast at the bottom of this page, where I talk about meal prep FAQs. Check it out!) This video is a little long, but I couldn’t help but try and prepare you as best as I can, to defeat the crappy food syndrome at work. This is just the beginning […]

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