Here’s a quick recap for Team Members Only :

  • You have the option to unlock an all access pass to ALL workouts via Beachbody on Demand (Live Streaming).
  • You have access to every single program in existence, plus any new programs that come out, for the entire year.

(P.S. I’ve recently released a podcast which is at the END of this article, to give you a few ideas of whether this is a good move for you or not. Check it out before you decide!)

Why is this so great? Because it’s going to help us solve the below problems:

  • You no longer have to purchase new programs throughout the year as you go.
  • You no longer have to repeat the same programs over and over and suffer from mass boredom.
  • You can actually do the workout to see if it’s something you enjoy, and switch to another if it’s not.
  • You will start thinking in terms of long term results, instead of 21 days.
  • You will have the ability to jump back in at any point, because you’ll have access the entire year if things happen (oh and they will).
  • AND you won’t have to hunt for your DVDS!

How do you activate it?  Two options.

First, those who are just getting started and aren’t members of Beachbody on Demand yet, the best option is the all-access challenge pack.

That includes:

  • 1 year of all programs (Live streaming)
  • Portion fix containers (portion control based system)
  • 1 month of Shakeology (Vital nutrition helper)
  • For $199 (Actually at the time of this post, it’s even a better deal as it’s on sale for $160 for this month)

You can even become a coach for free if you decide, which means Shakeology will be discounted in month 2.

To get the all access challenge pack click here.

If you’ve already got your Shakeology and portion control containers, but haven’t signed up for Beachbody on Demand yet,  $99 will get you a full year of all the programs.

**Warning** If all you do is get the yearly access pass and you aren’t drinking Shakeology, you won’t have the best results as you’re missing one of the vital pieces of the program.  Totally your call, but as your friend, I have to warn you.

To get just the all access Beachbody on Demand pass only click here.

Please reach out to me so I can help give you advice on which program to choose once you purchase.  I will make a recommendation based on your goals and likes/dislikes. (You can fill out this form for a free assessment and I will get back to you within 2 days)

Word of caution, no matter what you decide, pick just one of the workouts and stick to the schedule.  This will always get you the best results. Don’t have exercise OCD like I have in the past and just put in whatever workout you want that day. I’m talking from experience, it doesn’t work.

After you’ve got all your gear, shoot me an email at [email protected] and ask me about our monthly free support teams that I put together via our First Responder Support App.  It’s included free with anything above, but you need to reach out so I know you’re interested in this free training, motivation, accountability, recipes and helpful team environment.

And above all, stay safe!

(Yes, you do need to have some sort of Wifi or a good data plan to make this work best. )


I have put together a video on how to exactly use the All-Access Beachbody on Demand system for those who want a tutorial on how to use it. Check out that video below.


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2 thoughts on “Team Members Only

  1. Mary Kaye Able

    When does this expire for the demand all access pass and is this different than joining your team after the 14 day fitness?

    With me having surgery in AM; having to go see foot Surgeon on 29 December 2016 (feels like bones are rubbing each other when I walk.)
    Also having another surgery 10 January 2017 spinal cord stimulator removal.
    I need to see what my finances look like.

    Thanks for feedback.
    Mary Kaye Able

  2. Great question Mary Kaye.

    This is the “Next step” after the 14 day group, just on steroids. Usually you’d get access to one program, for almost the same price, and then I would add you to my First Responder Fitness support team app.

    Now, you’d have access to all the programs, which would give you the ability to choose (with my help) which programs you should do for much further in to the future. You would still be on the support team app for as long as you’d like, you’d just need to shoot me an email to get you added.

    So even if you can’t exercise today, you would still get shakeology, the containers, access to all the program nutrition plans, and access to the support app… and when you CAN exercise later, you can live stream any of the workouts then.

    In terms of how long is it around, we aren’t sure. I know for sure it’s available to February, I think it’s just a “test run” right now.

    Hope that helps!


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